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  • To Be An Edelblut

    An Essay on Being | Jess Edelblut

    Did you know that I am in New Hampshire? It is a very nice sort of place. The type of place that is surrounded by trees and snow and always beautiful, beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Even now I’m peeking out at the pinky-peachy blues streaked across the sky. A smile spreads across my face – […]

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  • Remembering 2016

    A Time to Reflect - Remembering 2016 | Jess Edelblut

    I was inspired earlier this week by this Anuschka Rees post to look back on my year and reflect on all that has passed. I spent a few hours thinking through 40 different questions about what I loved, learned, and wish had been different over these last twelve months. It was a good exercise that […]